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“Lake Arrowhead Patrol provides peace of mind, security and a broad menu of practical and convenience services to property owners in the mountains. Their professional, courteous, and customer-centric staff is a pleasure to deal with. Caring, resourceful, reliable and very responsive. A full-service company that adds immeasurably to the pleasure of second home ownership. As a former Police Commander, I am happy to give them an unqualified, hearty endorsement.”
–Mark, customer since 2000–

“BEST SERVICE ON THE MOUNTAIN!! The BEST service on the mountain. Always ready and willing to answer questions and quick to respond. Office staff is great and goes above and beyond to answer any concerns. They even offer additional services that I would’ve never guessed an alarm/security business would offer! They’ve given great recommendations for other services on the mountain too, which is a big help. They’ve patiently explained how to operate the alarm system…more than once…and never seem to mind! LOL! Fantastic company! ”
–Claudia, customer since 2008–

“There isn’t a Security Company on the mountain that can compare in warmth friendly service and professionalism. We are very happy with your service!”
Harry and Gretchen, customers since 1982–

“You guys are my key to mental happiness and give me peace of mind”

–Robert and Peggy, customers since 1999–

” Excellent service, great staff, nice patrolmen”
–Wally and Eva, customer since 1993–

“Attentive, patrolmen are always careful. A big comfort when we are away from home
–Audrey and Frank, customers since 1991–

“Nice to have someone local to contact with regards to our second home and emergencies”
–Roland and Mary, customers since 1995–

From our Yelp Reviews

  • Alice B.
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    Ok, this is my first review on yelp. I have to give Arrowhead Patrol five stars based on their services. It is a family owned business and the owners Karen and Richard are wonderful people. Karen was the the one who give us the price quote on the phone and Richard was the one who installed the alarm systems for us.

    Since this mountain home is our part time / vacation home, we really rely on their patrol and monitoring service. I had a few minor issues with operating the system since it was new and I was not familiar  with it. Their customer service girls – Toni ( I think that was her name) and Susie were very helpful and patient with me. We are very glad to have them watching our home where we are away.


    Kelly M.

    • 19 friends
    • 20 reviews

    We have received top notch service from the team at Lake Arrowhead Patrol & Security Services.  Karen & Richard really care about their customers and take time out to help you with understanding your system.  The entire team is very customer serviced focused, and as a business owner I truly appreciate the extra distance that they go for me.  Thank you, thank you!


  • Michelle M.
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    • 2 reviews


    We are very happy with Lake Arrowhead Patrol & Security Services.  We changed from another alarm service that did not provide the quality and professional service that Lake Arrowhead Patrol & Security provides.  We now have an upgraded alarm at a better price.

    Richard who did the installation is a perfectionist provided wonderful customer service.  Karen explained their products and options and provided the same level of professionalism.  The staff are courteous and professional.

    We live in Ventura, anyone who needs alarm services does not have to have a home located in the San Bernardino mountains to utilize this companies alarm services.

    Trish L.

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    • 1 review

    Lake Arrowhead Patrol is a excellent company for security needs of your home.  The service is professional and reliable.  One of the special things they do that goes above and beyond is to contact you in case of a problem where ever you may be. They resolve it to your satisfaction.  The staff is polite and caring.  There are as good as it gets.
    Dr. Landau


  • Marie T.
    • 1 friend
    • 15 reviews

    We just had an alarm installation. Lake Arrowhead Patrol and Security is top rate and offer full service, especially if you live part time on the mountain. From the initial contact with their office, to Karen coming out for estimate and then Richard installing, we were so impressed. We live in Crestline and I would highly recommend this company to anyone. We feel a lot more secure!


  • Rita S.
    • 5 friends
    • 3 reviews


    First to Review

    I had a break in this week at my office building early in the am. The alarm scared off the thieves and they ran away and did not take anything.They had already  unplugged a video monitor and that was probably just when the alarm went off. Three weeks ago we had a theft and the crooks face was on the security camera. We were able to give a video to the police of both events. Both times Lake Arrowhead Patrol  notified us and the police immediately.